ACCE by Skubbs: The Winning Strategy on Gaining Long-Term Customers for Your Business

ACCE by Skubbs is a methodology formulated by our expert in-house digital marketers. This customized strategy was derived from our team’s accumulated years of professional experience, backed up by a proven track record in working with various B2B, B2C, and hybrid businesses across different industries.

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Every potential customers start off as strangers. Most likely, these people already realized their need and are already in the process of finding a solution. Having said this, we know how important it is to ensure that you let your target market be aware of the existence of your product or service. So at the very first step of our methodology, our aim is to woo these strangers into checking out your business.

At this stage, our strategy is to build social media assets for your business, develop engaging content pertaining to your expertise, send out newsletters to attract potential customers, and rank your pages to relevant search keywords.

Attract Strangers to Visitors: Keywords

One of our proven strategies that will help you to attract strangers and convert them into visitors is with keywords.

With a proper set of focus keywords for your business, we will be able to optimise and improve your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We will first begin with our precise keyword research and customer analysis, so we can then effectively optimize your website’s content to fit exactly what your customers are looking for.

Guidelines in Selecting Keywords

1. Generate keyword ideas by having a seed keyword and using a keyword tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

2. Filter down the list of ideas according to preferences, like target location.

3. From the list of ideas, make a partial list of relevant keywords, particularly the ones your prospect customers will likely be using.

4. Filter down the partial list of keywords according to whether they are realistic to rank for. Here, basically, what to look for are those keywords with high search volume, but having medium to low competition.

5. The last step is to filter it further down to a list of final target keywords by asking this question, “does this carry business value?”

When you have the right keywords for your website, you will get to improve your search engine rankings and online presence – which all ultimately leads to greater traffic AND conversions for your business.


At this point, your potential customer has already one foot inside. We keep it in mind that these people are still in the research stage and in the process of looking for the best solution to their needs. Our aim here now is to put their other feet inside. We do this by means of setting your brand up for a good impression. We feed your potential customers with helpful information that will help you stand out among the rest.

At this stage, our strategy is to develop an outstanding website, create impressive portfolios, as well as use demos, free trials & attractive landing pages to get your leads rolling.

Convert Visitors to Leads:  Landing Page

A great tool that we can achieve to convert your website visitors into leads is with a landing page. A landing page is a standalone page that is separated from your website and its main purpose is to either capture the information of your website visitors or to get them to take a particular action on your page.

Best Practices for Landing Page

  • Ensure your headline is clear and concise and that it answers how your visitors will benefit from your product or service
  • Have a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) button that instantly captures your leads’ attention
  • Include a lead capture form to collect contact details of your landing page’s visitors
  • Use real testimonials from your customers for authenticity and reliability
  • Your landing page should have a single purpose and thus a single focused message

When used correctly and effectively, a landing page for your website is a sure-way to boost your conversion rates, increase sales and convert your website visitors into leads.


Every stage in this methodology is important, but this one right here makes a crucial step. Once strangers turn into a leads, our objective now is to turn them into buyers. Leaning to the later part of this process, potential customers are now becoming more aware of the brands they are considering. These people are already done with their research and are finally ready to make a purchase or avail a service. At this point, all efforts go into ensuring that your brand is the best and only choice.

In turning leads into sales, our strategy is to device an effective eDM workflow and retarget ads to the leads gained from the previous phase.

Close Leads into Customers: Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting are two of our proven Social Media Marketing & Advertising strategies that we use to help you close leads into customers. Both are dynamic, powerful, and cost-effective tools that can help you raise your business’ brand profile and increase sales conversion.

So what’s the difference between Remarketing and Retargeting? Well actually, these two share a similar purpose. The only difference is that Remarketing often uses email campaigns that facilitate re-engagement of customers in their inbox, while Retargeting, on the other hand, involves placing your online ads in front of your visitors who have already visited your website but then clicked away to visit other sites. Still, both of these methods share a similar goal which is to draw your customers back to your website to finish their purchase.

To learn more about Remarketing and Retargeting, here is a quick video that we made for you:

When done correctly, Remarketing and Retargeting are excellent ways to connect with your customers to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. These effective techniques are a sure way to boost your business’s overall profits and improve your customer’s buying journey!


Our role doesn’t stop at helping you make a sale. We want to make sure that the time, effort, and money spent in building valuable relationship with your customers are all worth it. Our goal here is to keep your customers happy to the point that they themselves become advocates of your brand. More brand advocates means more earned media!

In keeping your customers engaged, our strategy is to sustain your social media presence, continuously roll out blog articles & newsletters, facilitate social proofs & ratings, as well as develop loyalty programs & referral campaigns.

Engage Customers into Promoters: Social Media Activity

The best way to evangelize about your happy customers and their happy experiences with you is through Social Media. With the right strategy and approach, we can help you to maximize your online marketing efforts, increase your follower base and create valuable opportunities for your brand.

Best Practices for Social Media Activity

1. Create Guidelines
You need to first decide who your target audience is and which social media network works best for your products and services. By narrowing down the field of your social media strategy, it gives you time to create the right type of content you want to share.

2. Define Your Objectives and Goals
Define how you want social media to help your business. Do you want to gain new customers or do you want to build brand awareness? Or do you already have a strong following and you want to strengthen your customer loyalty and increase user engagement?

3. Monitor Your Social Media Analytics
It’s important to understand what are your users’ online behaviour and this is when Social Media Analytics come to play. Most social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, have free basic analytic tools to help you gather your audience behaviour and the performance of your posts. These insights help you to determine what to post in the future and the best time to publish them.

Social Media success doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to build a loyal following and to find the right strategy that works best for your business. With consistency and by following the above best practices, you will be able to reap the great benefits Social Media Marketing can do your business.

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This methodology is proven effective to hundreds of clients served by Skubbs. If you are keen on gaining more long-term customers for your business, our dedicated team of expert digital marketers will more than gladly be of help to you.

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