How to Avoid Wasting Money on Ads that Do Not Work

Putting your business on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to grow your business. By allowing your brand to reach its target audience easily and efficiently, you have higher chances of closing more sales. The best thing about these platforms is that they are business friendly. The team have been continuously adding more and more features to ensure that Facebook and Instagram cater to the needs of both businesses and users. In order to for us business owners to leverage on these advantages though, we need to shell out some money. We understand that you may be having second thoughts, that’s why we put together this article—a list of actionable tips on how to avoid wasting money on ads that do not work.

To start of, let’s identify some of the reasons first why an ad campaign may be ineffective.

1. The image isn’t clear.

Does it trigger action to your potential buyers? You see, us humans are extremely visual beings. Our behaviours are highly affected by the images around us. If the image used in your ad is confusing and not clear, this can be a big problem.

Another thing, make sure that your image adheres to Facebook’s text rule wherein the in-art copy must be kept on a maximum of 20%. The more text there is, the lower audience your image will reach.

TIP: Upload your image here to see how much text is in your ad image.

2. Your copy isn’t optimized.

Just like your images, your copies should be well thought out as well. Is your messaging clear? Can your target audience really relate to it? If your answer is no, then that is probably the problem.

3. You didn’t try A/B testing.

First, what is A/B testing? Well, it is a method of comparing two versions of ads and seeing which of the two performs better. Always create two studies for your ads. This will help you determine which aspects to alter and improve on.

4. You’ve got the wrong target.

We understand that setting the right audience is difficult as it requires intensive research. But at the end of the day, what we want to avoid is wasting ad budget. Failing to set the correct target market is a definite failure of your campaign.

Next up, how do you avoid committing these mistakes? Here are 3 things to remember to ensure the effectivity of your next campaigns.

Tip #1: Know your business goal: What is your marketing objective? Is it to increase brand awareness, improve your branding, or increase foot traffic. This is essential. In order to ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns, you will always have to go back to your business goal.

Tip #2: Understand who you want to reach: Knowing your target audience is different from understanding them. It takes a little more research to figure out what type of content will resonate to them and what kind of ad will trigger them to take action.

Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to spend: It may sound counter intuitive, but hear this. Most often than not, being stingy leads to failure in reaching your objective. This is why we don’t tolerate when our clients insist on an unrealistic budget. Just like what we always say, these are calculated risks. So go ahead and take the leap.

Tip #4: Get help from professionals: Running a Facebook ad is easier said than done. The most proactive way to avoid wasting ad budget is by seeking assistance from paid ads specialists. These experts can help you strategise and execute your campaigns effectively.

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Creating ads shouldn’t incur your more expenses than profit. Take note of these tips and you’ll be able to use social media advertising platforms to make more profit. For more insights like these, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow our Instagram account!