BBQ House Case Study

BBQ HOUSE – Case Study

The Client

BBQ House started as a manufacturer of wholesale BBQ marinated, ready-to-cook satays, chicken wings, and stingray. From their humble beginnings, BBQ house has now expanded to a one-stop BBQ solution. They now offer BBQ supplies such as charcoal, firestarter, and plastic utensils. They also offer pre-barbecue preparations, events catering, and on-site barbecuing services.

BBQ House takes pride in achieving all these because of their dedication to deliver the highest quality of products even in the need for mass production of satays.

The Objectives

BBQ House has no retail outlet and relies solely on walk-in clients, a rudimentary website, and traditional word of mouth to grow their business. To make things worse, competition is becoming stiffer by the minute due to low barriers of entry in the industry. More and more eager-eyed on-line BBQ supplies companies are coming in to the scene. In order to keep their business at the top of the game, BBQ House saw the need to improve the way they do things.

The following are the objectives for this particular account:

  1. Increase sales by new channels
  2. Improve productivity
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
  4. Improve customer loyalty

Our Recommendations

As BBQ House’s consultant for this project, we took on the preliminary steps, assessed the company’s current situation in the market, and studied their business values and objective. After an exhaustive analysis, our team of digital experts came up with the following plan: a customer-centric initiative through an omni-channel customer engagement platform.

The Solution

BBQ House App Solution

Skubbs came up with the strategy of developing an omni-channel customer engagement platform. This will allow their business to have a multi-channel asset, enabling them to serve their customers better, and gain them a wider market access.

The omni-channel retail experience will encompass the following features:

  • Online channel (desktop or tablet)
  • Mobile point-of-sale
  • In-store kiosk

In this end-to-end omni-channel solution, the team will also provide client with the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management platform
  • Rewards program
  • Customer feedback platform
  • Real-time delivery tracking

The Results

The strategy proved to be effective in hitting the client’s goal. As proof, sales revenue increased by 28% year over year since the commencement of the omni-commerce project.

With the help of the Customer Relationship Management platform, there have been a significant reduction on redundant manual customer tracking labor. Productivity was thereby increased to 50%. Also, customer satisfaction increased by 26% since BBQ House began tracking their customer behavior and feedbacks. This has been very useful in dealing with their clients moving forward.

Due to all these, customer loyalty increased by 20% year over year since project completion.