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Here at Outrich, our mission is to guide you in reaching your business goals. Our dynamic team of digital experts continues to strive in improving and constantly innovating the way businesses handle their operations, sales, marketing, and customer service.

As we grow in this industry, our goal is to help more businesses achieve their objectives. You might be our next success story.

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Our scope in Business Model Transformation and Innovation includes:

  • Business Analysis, Identifying Growth Trend and Pain Points
  • Studying Industry, Technology and Potential area of growth
  • Developing Business Model Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
  • Review of the Current Business Model
  • Ideating, Modelling and Designing New Business Model
  • Capturing Customer Insights to explore possible market opportunities
    • Primary Research (Interview, Surveys, Focus Groups)
    • Secondary ResearchSWOT / Porter’s Five Forces / Diagrams
  • Setting out Agenda for Innovation and Business Model Transformation

For qualifying companies, you may tap the attractive Capability Development Grant offered by SPRING Singapore.


With almost 12 years of being in this industry, we have helped hundreds of businesses get up and running by digitizing their business processes. Big or small, we strive to help businesses redefine their workflow and achieve their business objectives easier. Consult with us now and let’s see how we can improve your business.

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