Case Study: Ser Seng’s Social Media Journey

Ser Seng Herbs Turtle Restaurant is a decades-old, family-owned restaurant, serving authentic herbal soups such as steam turtle at Tai Thong Crescent.

Before Skubbs

Their main offering was quite an unusual product to market. The place typically attracts old-time fans, ranging from old adults to the elderlies, but rarely the younger market. Furthermore, they had minimal online presence and hadn’t established their branding during that time yet. When the owners of Ser Seng came to Skubbs, their objective was to gain a new market segment. They wanted to be at par with their competitors by gaining market share from the younger-aged sector.

Before Skubbs came into the picture, Ser Seng only had their quiet Facebook page to support their online presence. They had a few 200 followers, was reaching less than 50 accounts weekly, very low engagement, and less than a handful of leads.

Our Strategy

Skubbs devised a Social Media Marketing strategy targeted to millennial foodies and health conscious consumers. Keeping in mind our objective—to get the younger people come to Ser Seng—we did our research in order to gain insights on what appeals to the target market.

First on our action plan was to increase Facebook likes in the most efficient way possible. We bought likes for the business page in the hopes of pulling up the number of organic likes, and at the same time, establish the brand’s credibility. On the other hand, our posting strategy was composed of trendy graphics, localised content, social proofs, health trivias, food guides, and giveaways. Our giveaway content was a hybrid of contest and engagement post. The goal was to reach as much user as possible, get them to engage with our Facebook page, gain social proof, and generate qualified leads.

We scheduled our SMM posts regularly, posting 2-3 content weekly. We started utilising Instagram, where a huge chunk of target market is at, and mirror our Facebook postings there. We also made sure to use high performing relevant hashtags, both local and worldwide, to help us reach our target audience more efficiently.

The Results

Our posting strategies worked well in appealing to our millennial target audience. Use of animations and interactive visuals paved the way for a boost in user engagement. The increase in engagement and brand awareness contributes to the increase in Facebook Page Likes that cements customer trust and brand credibility in the digital media channel.

But more than any other strategies, the one that worked well most for the brand was our giveaway post. In just 1 week of rolling it out, we were already able to reach over 7,000 users and more than 30 contest joiners and counting.

Altogether, these strategies helped establish Ser Seng’s credibility against its main competitor. From 200 followers, the Facebook page has over 3,500 followers and counting now. From less that 50 reached accounts weekly, we are now able to reach over 5,000 users week by week. Engagement and social proof has definitely increased, and most importantly, more and more users have been dropping messages on Ser Seng’s inbox to ask for their address and menu.