Driving Prospect Customers to Your Website

3 Ways To Get Your Prospect Customers To Your Website

One of the most challenging problems that small business owners faced when they have a new business website is to drive people to their website and gain visibility. So how can they transform and boost their online presence without spending any high costs on marketing and advertising?

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Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research and On-page Optimisation

Hi, this is Casey from Skubbs. We are a full stack digital agency. We develop websites, mobile apps, and provide digital marketing services – hyper local Search Engine Optimization among the main ones.
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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on On-Page SEO

In today’s digital landscape, having a website is not enough to get your voice heard unless you have an effective SEO strategy. Well, we all know how vital and important SEO is for your website; so how are you optimizing your website’s online presence.
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5 Quick Tips on Meta For Your SEO

Although a quality meta description might not directly raise your website’s rankings, it plays an important role in attracting well-qualified traffic – and that’s ultimately what you want your website to achieve for your business, right?

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Click Through Rate (CTR)

How To Get More Clicks To Your Website On Google Search Engine Results

To have your website on the front page of Google’s search engine results is a coveted SEO goal for every new business owners. Landing on the front page of Google helps to open many opportunities for potential leads and sales as 90% of customers would click at least once on the first page results.

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Google Algorithm Update

Google Ranking Drops? Recent Algorithm Update could be the Culprit

Google confirmed a small update to its algorithm in September 27, 2018. This update is a further enhancement to its prior major update dubbed “the Medic update” which affected medical, clinics and health-care related websites.
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13 SEO Hacks You Should Be Doing For Your Business Now

13 SEO Hacks You Should Be Doing For Your Business Now

The online platform serves as an equal ground for all businesses, regardless of its scale, to promote their products and services. Indeed, the digital age has allowed startup companies to be at par with their far more established competitors in terms of advertising and promotion. We’ve touched this topic a couple of times in our previous articles, but we’re saying it again—one of the key activities that a business owner can utilize is search engine optimization or SEO.

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How to select keywords

How Selecting the Right Keywords Can Convert Strangers into Visitors

Keyword is one of the strategies which you can use to attract strangers and convert them into visitors. With a proper set of focus keywords, you can optimise and improve your primary digital marketing tools such as your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Yes, keyword is the main factor to bridge your website and audience together on search engine results. But are you targeting the RIGHT keywords to your audience? After all, it’s not always about attracting visitors to your site but about getting the right kind of audience so you can potentially convert them into sales opportunities.

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Convert Traffic to Leads

How to Increase Your Chances of Converting Traffic into Leads

You have a quality site promoting your business and services. You are also gaining a lot of online traffic. Well that’s great! But are you able to convert your traffic into leads? You see, when you convert traffic into leads, you get to increase your conversion rates, generate more sales, and ultimately, increase your business revenue. Sounds great, right?

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Google Friendly Website

Is Your Website Google-Friendly?

In the digital landscape, Google is king. Over 300 million searches are performed online on their site everyday and over 95% of the web’s traffic driven from their site alone. It’s no wonder why every blog and websites want to be on top rank of the search page results of Google as it is proven to send in a lot of high quality traffic.

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