Kelvin Lee

Entrepreneur on Spotlight: Kelvin Lee of The Listening Lab

It’s amazing how far dreaming can go if you actually put an effort into it. Who would have thought that what was once just an aspiration to help others can actually turn into a profitable business?

It was in Singapore where Mr. Kelvin Lee took his first steps. Exactly a year ago, he and his team set up a back office to support their plans and serve as a base for their b2b operations in expanding hearing accessibility in public spaces. In just 12 months, these efforts helped introduce a whole new level of value to what was once a traditional service.

He then built the brand’s first Mobile Hearing Centre (MHC) at The Curve in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This amazing feat for his beloved dream raised the bars in terms of equipment, presentation, and counselling tools in Malaysia. What he didn’t expect was the kind of welcome The Listening Lab received from different communities in Malaysia. Just a few days after launching, Kelvin received loads of heartwarming messages asking why he built it, how he was able to do it, and the positive impact it has brought to many people. The MHC truly helped put The Listening Lab on the map!

Mobile Hearing Centre

But he didn’t stop there. Soon after, two branches were built up in Singapore to expand their reach to even more people. Hence, Bishan and Simei branches came about. This further put The Listening Lab at the forefront of the hearing care industry.

Listening Lab

Listening Lab

Things just continued to go well for Mr. Lee and his business. Their desire and efforts to bring the hearing care industry in Singapore up a notch sealed various deals to build Hearing Enhancements Systems (EHS) into several heritage and landmark developments in the country. What’s even more surprising is that the brand’s good reputation went as far as China, reaching different areas across the globe. The quality of service that they delivered gained them the stamp of approval with the utmost standards that they are reputable for.

Mr. Kelvin Lee’s story shows that no dream is ever too big, neither is there a dreamer too small.  All it takes is dedication to pursue one’s mission to get going. Skubbs is truly proud to be one of The Listening Lab’s partners when it comes to bringing this dream into reality.

Mr. Lee has a lot more in store for his brand. Who knows where these would bring them? We will all find out. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a fantastic year ahead for The Listening Lab and the hearing care industry in Asia.