Fullerton Health Case Study

Fullerton Health – Case Study

The Client

In 2011, pioneers of the corporate healthcare industry in Singapore, Drs. Trythall Hoy Davies (THD) and Gethin-Jones (GJ), came together to build what is now a leading provider of corporate healthcare solutions across Asia Pacific — Fullerton Health. From their humble beginnings, Fullerton now owns more than 190 medical centres with over 8,000 medical providers across 5 countries in the region.

Fullerton Health likes to credit all these on their strong belief in innovation and their unceasing strive to always be ahead when it comes to technological developments. True enough, in less than a decade, this dedication garnered Fullerton Health more than 25,000 clients, ranging from SMEs to multinational companies and even government organisations, serving over 10 million lives from all over the world.

The Objectives

The Fullerton Health project objective

As strong believers of continuous growth and improvement, Fullerton Health thought of enhancing the way they operate their business. And we, the Skubbs’ team, is proud to have partnered with Fullerton on this. Below details the client’s objectives for this project.

  1. New revenue stream on top of traditional GP services in their panel clinics
  2. Improve productivity and process flow
  3. Improve customer satisfaction

Our Recommendations

Fullerton Health Recommendation

Our team of highly-skilled digital experts took into consideration the client’s objectives, business values, and current situation. After studying all these thoroughly, we came up with the following recommendations:

  • Objective: New revenue stream
    Recommendation: Develop aDocNow, an on-demand booking app that quickly helps users find doctors and schedule appointments.
  • Objectives: Improve productivity and process flow; improve customer satisfaction
    Recommendations: Develop FHN3 app with the following features

    • Mobile health portal concierge
    • Virtual membership card
    • Mobile claims submission

The Solution

In the goal of opening up a new revenue stream, the team thought of creating an app, which will be called aDocNow. Essentially, this app will work just like Uber, an on-demand booking app that will help users locate doctors near them and schedule appointment on the spot or as soon as needed. This new model for Fullerton Health will allow a new opportunity for revenue.

And in the objective of improving the productivity, process flow, and customer satisfaction of Fullerton Health, we thought it will be very helpful to create a convenient app that will make the lives of our customers much easier. In the FHN3 app, physical health cards will be replaced by virtual cards, which means cardless processing for clinic visits. It will also feature a mobile concierge wherein users can locate nearby clinics around current location. And to top it all of, they can now submit and process claims by simply taking photo of the receipts.

The Results

Fullerton Health App

As planned, aDocNow app opened up a new revenue stream for its on-demand consultation. The next phase of enhancements in the area of telemedicine is already underway.

More and more satisfied customers are also benefiting from the features of FHN3. Patients need not worry about about forgetting their health cards anymore as they are already digitized. Because of the claim submission feature of the app as well, submission and processing times sped up significantly at around <5 minutes.