How to Add and Claim Your Business Listing on Google My Business

As a business needing to attract customers coming from the online world, one of the most crucial things to do is to add or claim your business listings online. Then, you have to make sure that the information of your business online is correct so customers can get to you for enquiries.

A good place to start doing this is with Google My Business which grants a spot on Google Maps and Google’s Knowledge Graph for companies in local-related queries in Search. Even better, it is a free service that does just that!

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google reviews

How to Collect Google Reviews for Your Business

In venturing your business online, the most important source of information of how your business is going are insights. Depending on the platform that you’re on, it all varies. Being on Facebook, you can consider the number of likes, shares, and comments that your posts get. You may also consider the organic reach that your posts achieve. If you’re on Instagram, details just change a bit. You can see how many people like your posts, how many profile visits you have garnered, and the like.

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Should I Hire a WordPress Web Developer or Do It Myself?

In this age, everything has gone digital. Almost everyone has a Facebook account, Instagram stories are uploaded, and Youtube videos are being watched. It’s only vital that your business is online as well. You wouldn’t want to get left behind now, would you? With that, you need a website of your own.  You can go about this in two ways — you hire a web develop or you do it on your own. Don’t know what you should do? Continue reading to get an idea.



Web developer: You’d have to shell out a considerable amount for their labour just for a basic site. Also, you would have to pay for the domain and hosting. This is considered to be a big factor on hiring web developers because they tend to be expensive. But that’s just how it works. Professionally speaking, you hire help to do work for you. If you want positive outcomes, it would require cash.

DIY: Aside from the domain and hosting, you may also opt for a premium WordPress theme.



Web developer: No experience needed.

DIY: For this, basic knowledge on coding and understanding on how WordPress works is required. Functions like publishing posts, installing plugins and themes, and the like are something that you should be familiar with.



Web developer: With web developers, you have the freedom to design your own website in any way you want. They would do their best to apply your ideas and concretize them into your own website. It is completely custom-made and it’s from scratch.

DIY: You are limited to the themes that are ready-made by WordPress. There’s around 4,500 free themes available and you got roughly two to five times that number if you’re on premium.

Bonus PDF: 21 Hottest E-Commerce Trends in 2019.
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Web developer: Like templates, this can be custom-made as well. You can have them build a specific feature for you that would differentiate you from your competition.

DIY: Functionality is provided by WordPress plugins only. There are 10x as much as the free themes to choose from. You want this feature, maybe there’s a plugin for that.

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain and hosting

Web developer: Acquisition and server configuration can simply be done by the web developer for you.

DIY: Whereas with DIY, you have to do it on your own. This means you’ll have to handle DNS management and cPanel setup by yourself among other domain-server related stuff.



Web developer: You are not limited to any website structure. You have the freedom to create your own website.

DIY: DIY usually is limited to basic websites because of the limited templates and themes. Though this would not be the case if you know how to tweak the codes yourself.



Web developer: You would have more time to focus on other matters while your hired web developer would do the website for you.

DIY: This can be very tedious and time-consuming on your part, especially when you lack the technical know-how to perform a web developer’s job.

There are so many factors to consider like knowledge, time, budget, and effort you would put into your website. While the website is only partial of what your entire business would be, the others may need more of your time and attention that only you, as a business owner, should spearhead and have the utmost knowledge on. Website development is best given to experts who know what they’re doing. From troubleshooting to getting your designed output, they know what to do.

For web development services from professionals and experts with years of experience, you may contact Skubbs at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to work with you!

10 Must-Haves in Website Design for E-Commerce Designs

Design is one of the most important parts of a website. It’s going to be what your users would be interacting with mostly. They’re going to scroll through your website, navigate through different pages, and click on various links. This is where your website design would be of utmost importance. After reading this, you might want to reevaluate your website design and check for any red flags. Here are a few things that you must give extra attention to when it comes to website design.

1. A sense of security

website security

As an e-commerce site, users are going to be interacting with you to make a purchase. They would browse through your products and services. At the end of it all, they would have to provide valuable information like credit card numbers, addresses, and the like. You want to ensure that you provide a sense of security to them. You want to guarantee them that no malware, identity theft, or distribution of personal information would happen. This can be achieved by making use of SSL and making it known to users that you have in place for security by displaying a reassuring SSL badge somewhere near where the valuable information is needed.

2. Payment processing

payment process

After searching your website and have chosen what to buy, they would now have to process their orders. One of the most important and ** part of this process is the payment. You have to give the users different options on how they would like to pay you. For instance, some would most likely prefer to use their credit and debit cards. While there are also others that prefer to use Paypal because they find it more secure. There are also some who prefer to pay via cash.

3. The shipping

shipping option

Okay so after choosing the product they want and processing their payment, they would then proceed to the shipping portion of their shopping experience. Shipping is very ideal for users because it’s one of the things that makes e-commerce convenient. While this is convenient for them, this may be a bit tricky on your side. You would have to work with third parties. Errors will be made and these errors could eventually give a bad impression on your business’ image. Your website design needs to tell the users how the shipping process is going. Has the order been set? Has the products been delivered? Are they on their way? Where is it now? Most users, excited and all of their new items, want to be updated on where their packages are.

4. Product reviews

product reviews

This portion can go about in two ways — before the purchase and after the purchase. Before the purchase, most users would want to look at reviews given by other users to know what they’re getting at. They want to guarantee themselves a good product. After the purchase, they would want to give out reviews themselves. Most of the time, this doesn’t just include the product, but also their entire experience. Was it easy to process? How fast was it shipped? Does it look like how it does online? While this may be risky because you may receive negative comments, this could also be a learning experience on your part while, at the same time, you are establishing trust with the users by being open to criticism and reviews.

? Idea:

You can use a a star rating system to make it easier for users to view and review.

5. Navigation


Easy navigation is important to all users. They wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time looking for a section of your site. It should be in plain sight, easily seen, perhaps in the header of your page. It should be quick to access and doesn’t require a lot of clicking and going through many pages.

You may also want to use a filter that users can use. For example, if the user wants to look for the cheapest item, you can add a filter that categorizes the products from cheapest to highest. Or if they want items just for men, you can add that too.

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To have your website on the front page of Google’s search engine results is a coveted SEO goal for every new business owners. Landing on the front page of Google helps to open many opportunities for potential leads and sales as 90% of customers would click at least once on the first page results.

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Google Algorithm Update

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Google confirmed a small update to its algorithm in September 27, 2018. This update is a further enhancement to its prior major update dubbed “the Medic update” which affected medical, clinics and health-care related websites.
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Case Study: Ser Seng’s Social Media Journey

Ser Seng Herbs Turtle Restaurant is a decades-old, family-owned restaurant, serving authentic herbal soups such as steam turtle at Tai Thong Crescent.

Before Skubbs

Their main offering was quite an unusual product to market. The place typically attracts old-time fans, ranging from old adults to the elderlies, but rarely the younger market. Furthermore, they had minimal online presence and hadn’t established their branding during that time yet. When the owners of Ser Seng came to Skubbs, their objective was to gain a new market segment. They wanted to be at par with their competitors by gaining market share from the younger-aged sector.

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13 SEO Hacks You Should Be Doing For Your Business Now

13 SEO Hacks You Should Be Doing For Your Business Now

The online platform serves as an equal ground for all businesses, regardless of its scale, to promote their products and services. Indeed, the digital age has allowed startup companies to be at par with their far more established competitors in terms of advertising and promotion. We’ve touched this topic a couple of times in our previous articles, but we’re saying it again—one of the key activities that a business owner can utilize is search engine optimization or SEO.

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