Math Heuristics Case Study

MathsHeuristics – Case Study

The Client

Some time in 2008, MathsHeuristics enrichment center was established by a Mathematics teacher. It was born out of a sincere aspiration to help students master the subject easier and more effectively. MathsHeuristics offers learning solution, which paves the way for students to gain maximum access to knowledge, apply concepts they learned, and in turn, achieve learning breakthroughs. It is a holistic learning ecosystem supported by a physical classroom, print, and digital facilities, which are all built for students and educators alike.

The Objectives

MathsHeuristics asked for Skubbs’ assistance on helping them solve an issue concerning their limited workforce as well as their strive for improvement on the area of revenue and branding. The following details the client’s objectives, which came as our guide in working on this particular account.

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Maximise productivity of limited workforce
  • Improve branding and positioning

Our Recommendations

Aside from the project’s objectives, our team of digital experts took into consideration the client’s business values and model. After a thorough assessment of all these, they deem it proper to take on the following plan: to enable an online-to-offline total learning experience for all types of learners.

The Solution

Skubbs came up with the strategy of creating a holistic learning experience where all types of learners can equally benefit — an online-to-offline or O2O total learning experience. And how did we do it? By materialising the following:

  • Mobile learning app
  • Video learning lesson platform
  • Virtual classroom

How did this become an O2O total learning experience?

Starting with the virtual classroom — it is a video conferencing environment targeted to students with the slowest learning capacity. This platforms enables a 2-way communication between teachers and students, allowing the educators to walk students through each topic carefully, making sure that they understand every lesson. Next are the web videos. These are for students with slow learning capacity. Video learning lessons include video explanations of the book, which they can watch and re-watch at their own pace until they fully understand the lessons. Lastly, the MathsHeuristics app is an interactive mobile app that features working explanations and practice board for the average type of learners. They can also learn at their own pace with step-by-step solution guides that are made in a fun and engaging way.

The O2O total learning experience strategy makes it possible for the client to focus their labor resources to the students who really need them. Apart from this, the three platforms – mobile app, web videos & virtual classroom — also opens up new channels for revenue. And as they expand their digital assets, it will also allow them to minimise the marginal cost for manpower, which complements their objective of increasing sales revenue.

The Results

The multi-channel approach opened up new channels for revenue — mobile app sales channel, video subscription channel, and video conferencing channel. The new stream of revenue is continuously providing profit and is projected to hit additional SGD 300K this year.

Also because of digital productivity, MathsHeuristics has consistently been independent of additional manpower.

Lastly, brand perception has since improved. As proof, Popular bookstore noticed MathsHeuristics for its multi-channel approach. To date, MathsHeuristics’ books and products are available in Popular, which shows reliability and trustworthiness.