Maxther – Website Design and Development

maxther website design

A website design project and website development endeavour that enable a business to showcase their service and establish local presence in different regions.

Maxther is an Asian company that brings the local experience in different countries together for a better service offering for tourists. They have a diverse experience in travel and tour as well as an in-depth knowledge in the technology field. The two help them create the ideal atmosphere and resources to help the tourists feel at home and experience the best travel ever. At the same time, they help the local residents to maximise their resources by connecting them with the people of interest.

The business model is a great idea. But the company did not have the right platform to automate the processes involved. Their main concern was having a website that communicates their service offering to the audience as well as allowing them to book directly on the platform.

Skubbs PTE Ltd designed and developed a website for Maxther. They are now able to showcase their service and local experience from the different regions. It is easier for their customers to go through the listings and make a decision and book for the services online.