Think Sc – Science Heuristics

mobile app THINK Sc TAP

Science Heuristics was founded in 2007 with the aspiration of helping students gain a better grasp and learning experience of Science as an academic subject. This is made possible by Science Heuristics’s applied learning approach wherein the goal is to bridge knowledge acquisition and application, rather than just memorising concepts.

In this goal of equipping children with an effective applied learning approach, Science Heuristics had the idea of creating a mobile app which students and educators alike can use to facilitate understanding easier. Our role was to bring this idea into reality with the help of our expert developers.

Below summarises the features of Think Sc – TAP app, available on App Store and Google Play.

  • Push notifications to remind users of new content and books available
  • Skills and technique publications
  • Applications of skills and techniques
  • Examination practices
  • Backend CMS for admin control over the content