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With all the features you need for running the business smoothly. Introducing the enhanced POS Software that is simple yet powerful.


Outrich Enhanced POS System has been incredibly effective in helping us visualize our performance for both in-store and online outlets.” William Goh, BBQ House


Accurate Inventory Management

Manage your inventory effortlessly from a single platform. Share inventory within the system, between web and store, and among different stores. Real-time synchronization and alert notifications, once items hit re-stock levels.


  • Real-time syncing inventory along with selling at web and all outlets
  • Manage details like names, quantities, or prices quickly and easily
  • View your account efficiently anytime, from anywhere, to stay up to date with  business performance
  • Quick to set up and sends you alerts once inventory levels are running low

Track your Sales in Real Time

Records cash, cards, or any other kinds of payments through system. Monitor sales trends and create sales reports for the day, month, or year. Best of all, it works offline!


  • Eliminates the need to keep track of multiple inventories, product catalogues, and payment systems as all aspects of your retail business (Physical & Online Stores) are integrated into a single platform
  • Generate quick reports that allows you to get an immediate status of daily sales, and make comparison between total amount in system and manual count
  • User-friendly statistics; view your entire sales history and create customized sales reports
  • Export your stock levels in a spreadsheet format at any time you like
  • Auto-switch to offline mode to ensure that system still records transactions even when the internet is down
  • Developed using industry-standard best practices, so you can rest assured that your data will not be compromised

Smart Customer Management

Let no customer slip through the loopholes. Sync customer information with the system for CRM purposes. Customize your receipts how customers like them.


  • Create exclusive coupon codes for various promotional orders and streamline check-out process for your customers
  • Enables you to email receipts or print them out; customize digital receipts with your business’s logo and a photo
  • Display order history by customers whenever it is needed
  • Management of customers is easy with automatic syncing of customer information to your account for CRM purposes

Works Perfectly with Various Payment Methods

Cash, credit card, PayPal etc.? Not a problem! Easily customize to integrate with other payment gateways.


  • Supports multiple common payment methods including cash, credit card, PayPal etc.
  • Easily customize payment options to accept cheques, IOUs, or payments made with an external device
  • Auto-calculation of charge after entering the amount of cash, discount or promotion codes

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