Purikool Case Study Cover

Purikool – Case Study

How Skubbs Transformed Purikool: A Dramatic Boost in Online Presence and Sales Revenue

The Client:

A new comer and just only started in December 2017, Purikool is a water purifier and dispenser distributor in Singapore. With only a one-man team, the brand faced a lot of challenges and difficulties promoting and selling their Korean-based products across a multicultural Singapore. And so Purikool decided to get professional help from Skubbs.

The Objectives:

We aim to achieve the following core goals for the client:

  • Build and increase brand awareness
  • Increase product discovery and brand engagement promoting their products via online channels
  • Acquire excited leads and enquiries From Google and Facebook

The Strategy:

To effectively grow and build their online presence, we setup the following online channels:

  • E-Commerce Website
  • Facebook Shop
  • Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Google+ Account
  • Google My Business Account

When creating the online channels for the client, we ensure that they are all aligned with the same brand tone to convey the consistent message of the brand.

Just within the day after we created the Facebook shop for Purikool, the client immediately sold a unit of their product.

After successfully setting up the online channels for Purikool, we had to optimize the remaining budget so we decided to focus on Paid Search text ads and Facebook Paid Ads. In the beginning, we actually aim to speed up our process in order the meet the goals. For this to happen, we spent a huge amount of time on research, laying the foundations and targeting the right audience.

Within the course of 2 months, we got to launch different types of campaigns with different purposes on Facebook; which includes an advertising mix of carousel, single image and video formats.

The Google AdWords campaigns steadily performed while CPC is at a minimum ($2.09 ave) while ad extensions are being enhanced to fit the latest promotions that Purikool offer. We also kept a close eye over the metrics on a daily basis so we can narrow down and optimise the ads that best fits the client’s business.

The Results

Brand Awareness

We narrowed down the target audience to highly engaging people which resulted to the drop of audience reach. But as soon as we have found the right group of audience, we also targeted the lookalike audience which help to increase the engagement.

While we were advertising the client’s company and products, we also seen a mixture of advertorials which were not so effective and the ones which were efficient to attract customers.

Looking at the results below, we can see that we are sending the message to the right set of audience: Target > Communicate > Convert

Weekly Statistics

Reach and Impressions

Like and Engagement

Search and Website Visit

The dipping down during the last week of January is due to the observations of qualified visitors to give way for the optimization of best performing campaign ads.